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Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) offer enormous opportunity for patients and providers to work together to increase quality of care, lower costs and improve the health of the community. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) opened up new opportunities for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries to take advantage of care in an Accountable Care Organization and gave ACOs new opportunities to serve this important population. ACO's from around the country have come together to form NAACOS with the following mission:
Foster growth of ACO models of care;
Participate with Federal Agencies in development & implementation of public policy;
Provide industry-wide uniformity on quality and performance measures;
Educate members in clinical and operational best practices;
Collectively engage the vendor community, and
Educate the public about the value of accountable care.

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CMS releases final MACRA rule

NAACOS Overview of 2015 ACO Participants’ QRURs

NAACOS submits comments to CMS on proposed bundled payment rule

NAACOS Press Release on The ACO Improvement Act of 2016

The ACO Improvement Act of 2016 introduced in the House

Harvard Researchers study on changes in MSSP savings from 2013 to 2014

NAACOS resource on the effect of Medicare classification of ESRD beneficiaries on ACO expenditures

NAACOS releases comprehensive analysis on Performance Year 3 results

NAACOS submits comments on the proposed 2017 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

August 2016
CMS Releases PY2015 ACO Results

MACRA Talking Points for ACOs- How to discuss the benefits of ACO participation in a post-MACRA world

Overview of the CMS proposed rule expanding episode payment models, including a new cardiac bundled payment

CMS announces 14 CPC+ regions, practice applications due by Sept. 15

July 2016
NAACOS Analysis of the Proposed 2017 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

NAACOS releases results of a survey of ACOs rating of vendors for the CAHPS process

NAACOS sends letter to CMS urging caution in implementing new bundled payment initiatives

CMS releases proposed 2017 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and related Fact Sheet

NAACOS resource comparing CPC+ and MSSP

New member resource: MIPS APM Scoring Standard Fact Sheet - Learn more about the MIPS APM Scoring Standard for ACOs as proposed by CMS in the MACRA NPRM

June 2016
NAACOS comments to CMS on proposed MACRA regulation

NAACOS Summary of Final MSSP Benchmarking Rule

Dentons Analysis of IRS Ruling (summary and detailed analysis)

CMS releases Final MSSP Benchmarking Rule

ACOs at a Crossroads White Paper

May 2016
ACO Cost and MACRA Implementation Survey

NEJM article When Payment Systems Collide, ACOs and Bundled Payments

April 2016
NAACOS outlines initial statement with concerns about CMS’s MACRA proposed rule

CMS releases major MACRA proposed rule (and overview)

NAACOS and ACO Community Send Letter to CMS Voicing Concerns about Overlap of Bundles and ACOs

NAACOS Letter Urges CMS to Include ACOs in CPC+

NAACOS comments on Confidentiality of Substance Use Disorder proposed rule

March 2016
NAACOS and Other Prominent Organizations Submit Comments to CMS on Regional Benchmarking NPRM

NAACOS comments on HCPLAN Financial Benchmarking White Paper

NAACOS' Advanced Payment Model (APM) Talking Points

NAACOS submits letter to CMS on draft quality measure development plan

February 2016
NAACOS ACO Comparison Chart

NAACOS Creates Medicare Value-based Payment Modifier Resource for ACOs

NAACOS Comments on Effects of Stark Law

NAACOS Benchmarking NPRM Summary

January 2016
CMS releases proposed benchmarking regulation and factsheet

NAACOS submits comments on the Senate Finance Committee's Bipartisan Chronic Care Working Group Policy Options Document

NAACOS Comments on CMS' Announcement of 2016 ACO Class

NAACOS comments on CMS proposed rule outlining changes to hospital and home health post-discharge processes

December 2015
ACOs Having Early Success with Quality, Costs - Boston Globe

Critical Changes in the 2016 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule - NAACOS Summary

November 2015
NAACOS comments on CMS’ MACRA request for information

CMS Release physician fee schedule final rule

CMS CJR Final Rule Released on Monday, November 16

CMS Releases CJR Fact Sheet

NAACOS Comments on Release of CMS CJR Final Rule

September 2015
NAACOS Signs Comment Letter with Patient Quality of Life Coalition on CY2016 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

NAACOS Comments on Phys Fee 2016


August 2015
CMS Announces 2014 ACO

CMS Fact Sheet Regarding 2014 ACO

NAACOS Comments on 2014 ACO

July 2015
NAACOS response to WSJ Commentary favoring bundled payment over ACOs

June 2015
NAACOS letter to the Senate Finance Committee on ACOs positively impacting chronic care management

CMS Releases MSSP ACO Final Rule

NAACOS Press Release Regarding CMS MSSP ACO Final Rule

March 2015
CMS-CMMI Announces Next Generation ACO Risk Model

February 2015
NAACOS submits comments to CMS on the proposed final rule for MSSP reforms.

December 2014

CMS has published the proposed rule changes to the MSSP program. We are providing you with links to the full text, NAACOS' press release and the MSSP NPRM Fact Sheet.

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