Cardiovascular Diagnostics & Value-Based Care:
How Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring Improves
Outcomes While Reducing Costs

The economic and clinical burden of cardiac arrhythmias in the U.S. is immense. Irregular heart rhythms like AFib are becoming alarmingly common, and are expected to grow in the coming years.

Those with AFib are at 3x greater risk of developing heart failure, and 5x greater risk of stroke. These not only drive up healthcare costs for patients and members, but also for the providers and health plans that care for them. Now more than ever, delivering the right care at the right time is imperative to improving cardiovascular health.

For organizations working to improve patient outcomes while optimizing HCRU and total costs of care, cardiovascular diagnostics matter.

In this webinar, iRhythm will examine and discuss the following:

  • Current trends in value-based care
  • Why ambulatory cardiac monitoring matters to organizations shifting toward value-based care
  • Ways that the Zio diagnostic service can reduce total cost of care and improve HCRU

Speaker: Brent Wright, Director of Health Economics and Outcomes Research for Payer Strategy, iRhythm Technologies 

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