NAACOS Sponsorship Policy

This policy and its principles and guidelines are intended to guide NAACOS leadership and staff in pursuing sponsorships and related partnerships between the organization and any public, non-profit, philanthropic, or private sector entity, and to help potential sponsors understand the opportunities, benefits, and potential constraints of collaborating with NAACOS. For the purpose of this policy, sponsorship is defined as a mutually beneficial exchange whereby the sponsor receives value in return for payment or goods or services-in-kind provided to and NAACOS recognizes that cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaboration is key to achieving its mission:

  • Foster growth of ACO models of care;
  • Participate with Federal Agencies in development & implementation of public policy;
  • Provide industry-wide uniformity on quality and performance measures;
  • Educate members in clinical and operational best practices;
  • Collectively engage the vendor community, and
  • Educate the public about the value of accountable care.

NAACOS values collaboration and support from organizations that understand NAACOS’s unique role in the ACO community and that recognize the shared value that can be created by working together.  Collaborative work could include, but not be limited to, sponsoring conferences (including exhibits), events, educational and career development programs, and/or special projects where there is organizational alignment in mission, strategic priorities, and values.

Sponsorship Principles

  • NAACOS will not seek or accept any sponsorship which may damage or compromise — or be perceived to damage or compromise — the reputation of NAACOS, our members or partner network.
  • In the interest of transparency, NAACOS always discloses sponsorship of activities, including conferences, webinars, meetings, publications, and other related products.
  • Whenever possible and feasible, NAACOS shall seek funding from a variety of sources. It is understood, however, that occasions may arise when support of a specific event, program, or project from a single source is appropriate.
  • Sponsorship funds may be used to support the policy and advocacy priorities established by NAACOS’s Board of Directors.
  • Membership or partnership in NAACOS is required for sponsorship.
  • This Sponsorship Policy will be posted on the NAACOS Web site and as such updated from time to time.

Sponsorship Guidelines

The sponsorship guidelines provided below are intended to be both practical and accountable.  NAACOS reserves the right to refuse any offer of sponsorship at its absolute discretion or to negotiate with potential sponsors concerning any aspect of a proposed sponsorship, to fully adhere to these guidelines and the principles noted above.

  • All sponsorships require a formal agreement defining the terms of the sponsorship, including any recognition of the sponsor by NAACOS, which must be approved by the President and CEO of NAACOS or designee. Advertising content, including marketing language and use of logos must be clearly defined in all sponsorship agreements.
  • A sponsorship does not imply any exclusive arrangement with NAACOS or endorsement of any product or service by NAACOS, nor does it imply any grant of control or influence to the sponsor over the content of any NAACOS activity, publication, position, or policy.
    • Content of sponsored sessions at meetings, webinars, or newsletters must align with themes and/or objectives established by the meeting program committee. NAACOS reserves the right to request prior review of session content.
    • Before commencing any sponsored projects, NAACOS and the sponsor(s) will agree to specific terms regarding the respective rights of NAACOS and the sponsor(s) in relation to intellectual property, branding, and editorial contributions for all publications/products.
    • If at any point, the content of products/materials resulting from the sponsorship appears to be counter to the mission of NAACOS, NAACOS reserves the right to withdraw from the project prior to the launch of any product/publication or event.
    • Nothing in a sponsorship agreement shall supersede NAACOS’s policies regarding marketing, use of membership lists, or any other endorsements. 
    • All recognition of sponsorship and related advertising and/or marketing activities shall reference the corporate entity, organization, or program of the entity/organization, but may not refer to a specific medical product or therapeutic intervention.
    • NAACOS reserves the right to request modification or terminate any sponsorship agreement for an event or meeting if required to comply with applicable regulations such as continuing education.
    • NAACOS reserves the right to terminate any sponsorship agreement if the sponsor or its representatives or agents engage in any conduct that would lead NAACOS to reasonably determine that its continued participation in the arrangement with a particular sponsor would adversely affect the reputation of NAACOS, its members, or partner network.
    • All sponsorships and any related advertising and/or marketing activities shall comply with the laws and regulations of the United States of America.