Medicaid program name: 

Medicaid ACO program name: Accountable Communities (AC)

Status: Active

Maine has an Accountable Communities (AC) initiative that contracts with groups of providers who voluntarily participate in a shared savings program for Maine’s Medicaid beneficiaries. Begun in 2014, there are currently four ACs that provide care to nearly one-third of MaineCare’s 356,000 beneficiaries. The state describes the ACs as similar to Medicare ACOs, with shared savings if quality benchmarks and cost reduction targets are met. Downside risk is optional until August 2022 when the program will begin phasing in mandatory downside risk. New providers have joined the AC program each year and in 2020, eligibility for the program was expanded. ACs are now required to include providers that focus on chronic conditions, developmental disabilities, and behavioral health. Savings have been reported for each year of the program for which data are available, with a total of $34.8 million in gross savings and $29 million in net savings reported between 2014-2019.

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