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New Year’s Resolution: Prepping for ACO Compliance in PY24 (REACH)

NAACOS has partnered with Wilems Resource Group to offer MSSP and REACH ACOs a Compliance Manual consisting of a robust set of policies and procedures which your organization can customize to meet individual needs. Why should you purchase the manual? ACOs are required to meet a large number of state and federal regulatory requirements, including health care fraud and abuse laws, privacy requirements, and the specific requirements of CMS. This manual is a necessary tool designed to provide template policies to help your leadership determine the best “next steps” for your organization and implement procedures to ensure compliance with program requirements.

NAACOS has released an updated MSSP and a new ACO REACH Compliance Manual. The DCE Compliance manual will not be updated in 2023. Those who purchased the MSSP subscription may renew to obtain the new version. Those who purchased the DCE Compliance manual may renew their subscription and obtain the ACO REACH manual.

What Our Member Say

“Our ACO has transitioned from first the NexGen ACO Model to the DCE Model, and this year from the DCE Model to the ACO REACH model. Each transition was made so much easier with the NAACOS Compliance Manual. With the knowledge that the guidance is provided by experts in each of the new models we moved forward with the confidence that the new model structure we are building is built on solid ground.”

~Triad HealthCare Network

Your ACO may have purchased a previous version of this Compliance Manual. If so, upgrading to this newest version will provide additional compliance and operational insight, as well as the addition of required policies around care coordination, beneficiary engagement, internal reporting on data and analytics, marketing material requirements, and more! The new and improved Compliance Manual will be available on a subscription basis that will be renewed as necessary based on the release of updated regulatory guidance, but at least every 12 months. Everyone who subscribes to the manual will receive any updates made during the subscription year. To order the manual, please click on the appropriate link below.

This manual is reviewed and revised as regulatory updates are released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). While these updates often occur on an annual basis during the first quarter, subsequent updates will be added throughout the year upon possible regulatory change. It is strongly advised that your ACO review all policies and procedures at least annually. This review should include potential regulatory effects from your state as well as organization and/or operational changes or advancements that might impact your own policies.

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The Compliance Manual includes:

  • Fully editable foundational policy templates
  • Version control and policy record retention capabilities
  • Important steps to consider when forming policies and procedures
  • Easy to use functionality
  • And more!

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