2023 Summer Boot Camp Agenda 

Denver, CO
June 15–16

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The NAACOS 2023 Summer Boot Camp will provide information from basic level to more advanced opportunities in ACO data and analytic based needs. This boot camp will focus on:

  • Understanding how to get the most out of monthly and quarterly files receive from CMS
  • Pathways to collect required and useful health equity and quality reporting information
  • Building a stronger understanding of the multiple ways claims data can be broken down and utilized to recognize and drive ACO opportunities, including combining with EHR and other source data to build actionable dashboards.
  • How to pull the right levers to use the data you have and it impactful and appropriate way. 

This boot camp aims to meet the educational needs of ACO leadership and staff,  including those responsible for building and overseeing data, analytics and ACO financial interest.

Day 1, June 15




8:00 am

Registration and Breakfast

9:00–9:30 am

Welcome and Introduction

9:30–10:45 am

Session 1: Evaluating the impact of new benchmark rules

This session will educate participants on the basics of MSSP benchmarking and the changes for 2024 as well as an provide an understanding of ACO EACH Benchmarking

Rob Mechanic and Andy Perlman, Institute of Accountable Care (IAC), and Elena Tkachev, Collaborative Health System (CHS)

10:45 – 11:00 am


11:00 am–12:15 pm

Session 2:  Breaking down attribution logic

This session will provide an understanding of MSSP and ACO REACH attribution logic. The education will include FQHC attribution experiences and strategies for retaining and gaining new beneficiaries. 

Gabe Orthous, Health Choice Care (HCC) and Health Choice Community Partners (HCCP); Andy Pearlman, IAC; Elena Tkachev, CHS

12:15–1:30 pm


1:30–2:30 pm

Session 3: Building your ACOs story with claims data

This session will provide insights into, API Connect for ease and comparison to other ACOs

Members, Benchmark – historical and updated, expenses, savings rate, year over year trending, and utilization.  Additionally, information about the monthly files and how to use monthly claims to analyze key strategies EX. AWV, HCC, data trends month over month and other CMS files and tools.

In addition, the Institute of Accountable care will present their SNF Market Reporting and information to build a post-acute network.

Jimmy Johnson, Nebraska Health Network and Sherry Peppercorn, IAC

2:30–3:30 pm

Session 4: ACO basics tabletop discussions 

Table breakouts on the first three session topics. This will be peer to peer discussion with other participants and a faculty member. Participants will change tables every 20 minutes.

3:30–3:45 pm


3:45–4:30 pm

Session 5:  Creating confidence in leading indicators to get leadership buy in

This session will educate participants on how to align the data, trends and calculate predictions to provide tactical analytics to Ensure data accuracy and reliability:   These tactics include:

  • Align data with business goals
  • Calculate predictions and trends
  • Be transparent about limitations
  • Communicate insights effectively 

Gabe Orthous, Health Choice Care (HCC) and Health Choice Community Partners (HCCP) and a representative from iRhythm Technologies

4:30 pm -5:30 PM

Session 6: Building dashboards for today’s ACO needs

This session will provide information on effective strategies to use available data to create financial and clinical dashboard reports. These include creating Executive/Summary to provider and practice level reports that provide actionable data from outpatient to the post-acute performance.

Sumesh John, Holy Redeemer; Sherry Peppercorn, IAC; Brian Silverstein, Innovaccer

5:30–6:30 pm


Day 2, June 16




7:30 am


8:00–9:00 am

Session 7: Data Policy: How Washington Is Supporting Value-Based Care

The NAACOS policy team will provide an update on their advocacy work, providing a specific focus on data and quality policies. Topics to be addressed include access to claims and other data, cross-payer alignment, and quality reporting issues.

Aisha Pittman and David Pittman, NAACOS

9:00–10:00 am

Session 8: Understanding how to ingest data into your population health system, and how to use it

This session will focus on how to bring outside data such as claims, registry, HIE, etc. together to drive initiatives and meet quality metrics and care gaps.

Sumesh John, Holy Redeemer, and Gabe Orthous, HCC and HCCP

10:00–10:15 am


10:15 am–11:00 pm

Session 9: 10 Habits of Highly Successful ACOs

Dan Roberts and Rujuta Vidal, Innovaccer

11:00– 12:00

Session 10: Tracking and reporting quality data along multiple contracts

This session will focus on creating an“Enterprise dashboard” to provide quality across the ACO in top measures affecting most or all contracts.  This includes good care measures that are important for member health and strategic gap lists monthly to target needed members.  The IAC will also provide information on their part D based measures

Jimmy Johnson, Nebraska Health Network and Sherry Peppercorn, IAC

12:00–1:00 pm


1:00–1:45 pm

Session 11: Telling the full story of using clinical data to predict and prevent cardiac events

iRhythm Technologies


Session 12: Understanding HCC coding impacts and health equity

This session will provide information on HCC coding opportunities such as data collection and reporting, interventions, and screening including utilizing z-codes.  These opportunities can include HCC coding basics of capture vs Recapture, more advanced utilizing EMR to look for opportunities of HCCs missed and using the QASR file to compare to others – Ex Diabetes vs Diabetes with Complications.

Actionable list generation including HCC recapture opportunities, Predict Hospital Use, Multiple Physician Utilization, Medication Adherence, Z code Diagnosis, and ER over use. 

Sumesh John, Holy Redeemer; Jimmy Johnson, Nebraska Health Network; Gabe Orthous, HCC and HCCP

2:55–3:00 pm

Wrap-up and Adjourn