Preconference Fall 2018

These workshops are held in conjunction with the NAACOS Fall 2018 Conference, October 4-5 at the Capital Hilton and run concurrently from 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. ET on October 3. The workshops require separate registration, and you do not need to attend the full meeting in order to attend the workshops. Discounted rates are available for NAACOS members and partners. The pre-conference workshops are not included in the conference recordings.

Pre-Conference Workshop Registration Rates
(before and on Aug 17)
(after Aug 17)
Member ACOs
$395 $495

Non-Member ACOs

$495 $595
NAACOS Partners 
(Business or Alliance)
$395 $495


Maximizing Financial Operations led by Stephen Nuckolls, Coastal Carolina Quality Care
Stephen Nuckolls - Coastal Carolina Healthcare, Kimberly Busenbark - Wilems Resource Group
Back by popular demand, this workshop covers the fundamentals of operating a successful ACO. The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Strategies to Improve Quality and Engage Physicians
  • How to Establish and Manage a Chronic Care Management Program
  • Understanding and Managing Compliance will review ACO obligations for effective compliance and how to operationalize those obligations
  • Utilization Management Strategies will review strategies to more effectively utilize and monitor, HH, SNF, Hospice, ER, & other expenses  
  • Importance of HCC Risk Adjustments and Strategies to Optimize will add context to the afternoon’s presentation and draw distinctions between MA and ACOs 

Leveraging Data to Drive ACO Performance led by Emily Brower, Trinity Health
Emily Brower - Trinity Health Nick Bartz - Aledade, Andrea Cichra - The South Bend Clinic, Yoni Dvorkis, Atrius Health; Richard Martin, Geisinger Health System Denise Prince - Mount Sinai Health System
In this workshop speakers will address how to use CMS data and incorporate with other data sets to:

  • Understand your attributed population – For whom is your ACO accountable? What is the demographic/clinical profile?  Where are they getting their care? How will knowing all this help your ACO?
  • Monitor and report on ACO performance –  How is your ACO doing financially? How are the beneficiaries doing clinically? How is your ACO doing on quality measures?
  • Develop clinical interventions –  What does the data tell you about opportunities for improvement? What clinical programs can improve care and close gaps?
  • Laying the ground for advance analytics – How does the ACO data help with predictive modeling?  What new data sets do you see incorporating to further enrich your data? 

ACO Care Coordination A-Z:  What is it?  Why do it?  How to do it? Who does it?
Debbie Welle-Powell - Essentia Health, Kay Werhun - Lehigh Valley Health Network, Melody Danko-Holsomback - Geisinger Health System, Kelly Taylor - Mercy ACO
This workshop is designed to guide ACOs in creating and/or optimizing care coordination programs.  The speakers will address considerations for implementing programs, as well as optimizing existing programs. 

At the completion of the workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Define Care Coordination
  • Define the key components of care coordination, including:
    • Transitional Care Management
    • Chronic Disease Management
    • Complex Case Management
    • Enhanced Primary Care
  • Understand why care coordination is needed
  • Understand different models of care coordination to improve health care delivery
  • Understand different staffing models and costs associated with coordinating care
  • Understand how to use data to focus activities on the right patients at the right time
  • Understand potential reimbursement models