Membership Types and Dues

1. Single ACO entities contracting with CMS

An ACO legal entity that holds one or more contracts with CMS for the MSSP, Next Gen or ESRD ACO programs 

Single ACOs have 1 vote for single ACO Board seats in each year's election. 

Dues Structure (annual) 

  • $3500 (5000-9999 assigned beneficiaries2)
  • $5000 (10,000-29,999 assigned beneficiaries2)
  • $7500 (30,000 + assigned beneficiaries2)

Join Now! NAACOS will email you an invoice for dues upon application approval.

2. Multi owned/affiliated ACOs 
A legal entity that owns3 2 or more ACO's that have contracted with CMS or plan to contract with CMS in the next 12 months 

Multi-owned/Affiliated ACOs receive 1 vote for multi-ACO Board seats. 

Dues Structure (annual) 
Please contact our Membership Department at 202.640.1985 option 1 for more information about becoming a multi-ACO member 

3. Non-CMS. Commercial Payer ACOs 
Entities that own or are financially integrated with one or more ACOs and that do not contract with CMS but that contract with one or more commercial insurance organizations and/or State Medicaid Agency to provide accountable care to a specified population of beneficiaries and that financially share in the risk and/or benefit from savings defined in the contract. 

Multi-owned/Affiliated ACOs receive 1 vote for commercial payer ACO Board seats. 

Dues Structure (annual)

  • $2000 per ACO legal entity

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4. Associate Members (non-voting)
ACO Legal Entity or other Provider Organization applying to CMS or considering becoming an ACO in the future. These members are non-voting. 

Dues Structure (annual)

  • $3000

Join Now! NAACOS will email you an invoice for dues upon application approval.

Vendors, educational affiliates, current Business Partners and others - See Partner Page

If you have questions, please contact the Membership Department at 202.640.1985, option 1.

1Membership dues are customarily, if not always, deductible by member groups as a business expense for federal tax purposes subject to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities. NAACOS estimates that the nondeductible portion of membership dues attributable to lobbying activities for the year ending December 31, 2017 is 20%. 
2Most current number of aligned beneficiaries identified in the contract with CMS or updated by CMS at time of application to NAACOS 
3Ownership is defined as "wholly owned or financially integrated through contracts either sharing gains or losses or both

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