Benchmarking Comparison and Performance Analysis (B-CAPA) Reports

NAACOS is pleased to provide complimentary B-CAPA Reports for members. The B-CAPA reports feature individual ACO performance relative to various aggregate “peer groups” for areas such as demographics, per beneficiary expenditures, and utilization. The reports are available for both Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) and Next Generation ACOs (BCAPA-NG). Below is more information on the BCAPA reports, available supporting materials, and instructions on how to access the reports.

Table 1. A side-by-side comparison of the B-CAPA reports.   







Cost, Utilization, Quality

Cost, Utilization, BETOS breakouts

Cost, Use, New Measures

Cost, Utilization, Quality

ACO Model





Data Source

2017 PUF         (Public Use Files)

2016 RIF Claims

(Research Identifiable Files)

2017 RIF & Quarterly


(Public Use Files)



ACO and four beneficiary groups

ACO and four beneficiary groups



Base report of cost and quality

Shift source to claims data to support expanded measure set; Break out by bene type.

Price standardization, 2017 data, new measures, additional per groups.

Shift source to RIF when NGACO attribution files are available

Release Date

Fall 2018

April 2019

Summer 2019

April 2019



In Spring 2019, NAACOS released the newest B-CAPA Report, version 1.5, for MSSP members. The B-CAPA 1.5 Report compares data in the 2016 performance year and includes several changes from previous reports, including:

  • New Data Source: B-CAPA 1.5 uses 2016 data from the extensive NAACOS claim database which allows for more granular analysis.
  • New Measures: B-CAPA 1.5 includes the Berenson-Eggers Type of Service (BETOS) clinical categories for Part B expenditures along with institutional spending. This includes information on evaluation and management, tests, imaging, procedures, durable medical equipment, other and exception services rendered by clinicians or other Part B providers. More on the BETOS categories and codes can be found here
  • New Sub-groups: B-CAPA 1.5 includes break outs of all measures for beneficiaries who are Disabled, Aged Dual, Aged-Non-Dual or those with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). 

Other important features include:

  • Timing: The last B-CAPA report was based on 2017 Public Use Files (PUF) which contain aggregated data and do not permit detailed analysis.  We are switching to detailed Medicare claims data to provide more information and producing the first report with 2016 claims data.
  • Comparison group: right now, the reports include a regional comparison group made up of ACOs in your region. 

B-CAPA 1.5 Resources
An on-demand webinar recording and slides on the B-CAPA 1.5 Report’s methodology and planned enhancements is available at In addition, a B-CAPA 1.5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document can be found at More detailed information on the methodology can also be found in the Report’s Overview/Methods section found in the reports first tab.

New B-CAPA report for Next Gen ACOs

In Spring 2019, NAACOS released the first B-CAPA report for Next Generation ACOs (BCAPA-NG). The report looks at NGACO’s in performance year 2018. The Report has several key features including:

  • Descriptive statistics comparing the demographic characteristics, per beneficiary expenditures and utilization of your ACO and other ACOs like yours,
  • Data for Performance Year 2018
  • Multiple peer groups for comparison including ACOs with similar: CMS Hierarchical Condition Categories (CMS-HCC) risk score, network structure, proportion end-stage renal disease (ESRD) beneficiaries, Per-beneficiary-per-year (PBPY) expenditures, CMS Region, and all other NextGen ACOs.

Enhancements are already underway and feedback from ACOs are encouraged! 

BCAPA-NG Resources
The recording and slides from the May 14, 2019 BCAPA-NG webinar is now available to members at: The webinar covered the new report’s methodology, planned enhancements, and a look at an example ACOs Report. More detailed information on the methodology can also be found in the Report’s Overview/Methods section.

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