Board of Directors 2019 Election Nominees

Nomination period: May 24 – June 30, 2018
Election: Late July

To be a NAACOS board member, the candidate must be employed or contracted as an executive of an ACO Member in good standing at all times during their term of office.  There are three single entity ACO seats and one private payer ACO seat up for election this year.  Although any member may nominate someone for the board, each type of ACO will vote for their own representatives only.  (Single entity ACO members will vote for their representatives and private payer ACO members will vote for their representative.) 

Only NAACOS members in good standing can submit nominations. 

Self-Nominations are permitted.

Nominations must include all of the following.  Please make sure that you have all of the information before you submit the form. 

  • Name
  • Title
    • Including a description of responsibilities
  • ACO name and start date
  • ACO ownership structure
  • Nominee’s email and phone number
  • Nominator’s name, email and phone number (only if it is not a self-nomination)
  • A brief, two-to-three paragraph description of the nominee (if nominating someone else, please have the nominee write a short description of themselves).  
  • A bio (not a CV) – please attach file. You may want to consider commenting on:
    • Past experience as a board member for other organizations,
    • Goals for your term as a NAACOS board member,
    • History with NAACOS or health care experience generally.
  • A letter of recommendation – please attach file